Our Special Thanks To The Following Individuals
For Their Generous Monetary Donations


Donations listed are for our fiscal year, July 2019 through June 2020
Donors names will be listed in the Christmas and Spring concert programs

SPONSOR ($1,000 and Above)
James Monroe 
John and Ruth Haines 
Ted and Carol Hegg 
SUSTAINER ($500 - $999)
Dave and Peggy Schultz 
Dr. Pauline M. Cline
BENEFACTOR ($250 - $499)
John and Bonnie Fragomeni 
Randall and Margaret Burr 
Tim and Nancy Raschko 
PATRON ($100 - $249)
Carol McIntosh 
Cathy Peterson 
Coizie and Dicken Bettinger 
David and Wilma Torretta 
Jerry and Beverly Pearson 
Jill Hatcher 
Jon and Henrietta Schmidt 
Lynn and Randy Rabenstein 
Patricia and Neil Jorgensen 
Roger and Beth Emerson 
FRIEND ($50 - $99)
Dave and Kate Krause 
Dick and Irene Simpson 
Gail L. Campbell 
Jean and Edward Markus 
Linda Baumgartner 
Phil and Joan Myer 
Roger and Nancy Kisner 
SUPPORTER ($25 - $49)
Kelsey Larson 
Teri Walsh