November 26, 2018

1) The bus has been reserved and paid for.

2) I just got off the phone with one Forks hotel and several members who booked there were not on the list of room reservations. I highly recommend that you follow up with your bookings in both Port Townsend and Forks to make sure they have your name. I have sent out emails to members whose names were not on the list. Mistakes happen.

3) Everyone who requested to share a room (approximately 10) now have roommate matches. Please stay in contact with your tour roommate, a rehearsal hello would be a perfect contact.

4) I am in bi-weekly contact with hotel managers. We will have the challenge of mass registration when we arrive, but I am hoping to give each hotel a complete list of our tour members, so they will be prepared. An example, the Harbor side had one credit card machine, and two computers.

5) The walk from the Harbor side to Port Townsend town center restaurants is about 15 minutes. There are a few restaurants closer or you can order to your room from an online resource that has menus from most of the restaurants.

6) The distance between the Dew Drop and Forks Motel will require two drop offs.

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