Roster #27 Signing Off

Congratulations to all of the Olympic Tour Skagit Valley Chorale members who over a period of 62 hours traveled on two ferries, climbed in and out of our charter bus so many times, hauled your luggage into and out of two different hotels, ate three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners, managed to change from travel clothes to performance clothes in record

time, posed for photographs to assure a memorable smile, laugh, or wave, sang grasping either your fellow chorale member or a ferry post as we left Keystone, stood on the deck of the ferry outlined by the gift of a sunset as we left Port Townsend, listened as Adam shared his memorable Olympic Peninsula life diary, brought your passionate voices to each venue embracing each community who responded with standing ovations at each venue, sat outside in the chilly evening at Rainforest Arts Center , not questioning why there was not a Green Room, mingled with each audience accepting handshakes, hugs, compliments, sang at Blakeslee Bar and Grill, and 7 Cedars Casino Totem Room, believed Adam’s reassuring words as we traveled to and from Neah Bay that “we are just about through the last of the curvy roads, walked through the Makah Cultural Center respecting the words we heard, found a warm lawn space to eat lunch at the Makah Community Center, heard our voices echo within the Community Center’s cavernous room, always thanked Jimmy as well as singing a never to be forgotten rendition of Wheels on the Bus, ate with appreciation Bonnie and John’s home baked treats, always remembered to throw your garbage out , tossed your music into Theresa’s waiting boxes on the ferry, thanked Adam for directing us to be yet again our best selves, never missed the bus, and most importantly always remembered your roster number.

I, #27 your tour manager, must say how grateful I am to have you acknowledge my efforts from this past year as my goal was to exercise every effort to assure that the tour details would evolve positively into the first Skagit Valley Chorale’s introduction to the Olympic Peninsula Community’s. Adam’s ongoing communication and work with all of our venues provided us with wonderful locations, his written articles provided public awareness in local newspapers and as he introduced us with pride to each audience we felt a sense of belonging to that community.

Now this RETIRED tour manager will frame the thank you card from all of you with your name and roster numbers writing generous kind words. I hold within a pocket of my heart your traveling bus voices singing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.

See you all in September!!

Patricia Krause

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