Thank you for visiting the Skagit Valley Chorale website. We are happy to share with you that Chorale members spent the fall season rehearsing together virtually, continuing to sing on Zoom. We took on the project of recording audio "session choir" versions of five songs, with members recording audio that Dr. Adam Burdick and a team mixed into final versions. These were set to slideshows that Dr. Burdick presented in an online concert Friday, December 11. Thanks to the many audience members who attended and enjoyed our concert! For those who missed it, you can watch the concert on YouTube or by clicking on the video below.

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Debbie Amos * Ruth & Mark Backlund * Coizie & Dicken Bettinger * Toyoko Bisbee * Brian & Kelli Boardman * Kurt & Janice Buchanan

Cheryl Cowely * Gene & Marilyn Derig * Susan Easthouse * Roger & Beth Emerson * Elizabeth Farnsworth * Patricia Fikkert

Sharon & Fred Fisher * Chris Galbraith * Leigh Giovane * John & Ruth Haines * Jill Hatcher * Brenda Hazen * Becky Hedman

Dorothy Hensey * Marty Hitchcock * Katherine Jensen * Patricia & Neil Jorgensen * Robert Knapp & Sandra Jones * James Kaufman

Dave & Kate Krause * Patricia Krause * Linda Moore Kurth * Wendy LaPrade * Jean & Edward Markus * Carol McIntosh * Judy Mieger

Kitty Mintz * Joan Myer * Peggy Page * Cathy Peterson * Kathleen Powers-LaMoe * Lynn & Randy Rabenstein * Nancy Raschko

Pam Rolfson * Mary Ann Schradi * Dave & Peggy Schultz * Lisa Stenberg * Jackie Stone * Nina Tallering * Megan G. Taylor * Sheila Tonne

Phil Trautman * Heather Waldron * Teri Walsh

Enjoy this lovely medley video made by John Yaeger in 2017 that shares the joy of our singing together in the beautiful Skagit Valley. If you don’t know the Skagit Valley Chorale this is a beautiful introduction to the chorale, our director Adam Burdick, and snippets of our music. If you have attended our concerts and are missing them at this time, enjoy learning more about us.

Site photos by Coizie Bettinger & John Yaeger

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