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Board of Directors - The Chorale Board is elected by the membership to serve a one year term
Chorale Board 11-1-21.jpg


  • ​President - Ruth Backlund (email)

  • Vice President - Mark Backlund (email)

  • Secretary - Leigh Giovane (email)

  • Treasurer - Peggy Schultz​ (email)

At Large Members

  • Debbie Amos

  • ​​Coizie Bettinger

  • Jana Flanary

  • Dianne Ramsey

  • Jean Markus

Ex Officio Members

  • Dr. Adam-Yvette Burdick

  • Ruth Haines

Pictured left to right top to bottom - Dr. Adam-Yvette Burdick, Roger Emerson, Dianne Ramsey,

Ruth Backlund, Coizie Bettenger, Leigh Giovane, Ruth Haines, Peggy Schultz, Debbie Amos,

Jana Flanary  Not pictured - Jean Markus

Committees and Points of Contact - The chairpersons are volunteers from the Chorale membership

Audits - Vacant
Budget - Ruth Haines

Concert Posters/Bookmarks - Vacant

Concert Programs - Elisa Strong & Teri Walsh

COVID Records - Jana Flannery & Coizie Bettinger
Donations - Kelli Boardman
Elections - Nannette Crowell

Grants - Coizie Bettinger

Information Systems - Bob Knapp & Roger Emerson

  Bob - Member Rosters & Nametags, Mailchimp & Website


  Roger - Website Updates

MailChimp/Dropbox - Dr. Adam-Yvette Burdick

Membership/Registration - Ann May

McIntyre Hall Liaison/Logistics - Mark Backlund

Music Folders - Jean Markus
Music Library - Judy Jerman and Theresa Stevens
Performance Attire - Mary Ann Whipple & Jana Flannery

Performance Flowers - Jana Flannery & Nanci Allen

Publicity/Media Releases - Jill Hatcher

Reader Boards - Ed Markus

Rehearsal Logistics & Schedules - Mark Backlund

Social Media - Coizie Bettinger

Ticket Sales Promotion  - Jean Markus

T.L.C. - Dianne Ramsey

Section Leaders and Hosts


Dianne Ramsey - Section Leader

Bev Pearson - Section Host


Jana Flanary - Section Leader

Patt Jorgensen - Section Host


Susan Pierson - Section Leader

Susan Easthouse - Section Host


Ed Markus - Section Leader

John Haines - Section Host

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